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The main idea here is to focus on the art and science of composting in everyday terms. Should you or someone you know desire to start a composting operation, there are a few things to consider.

My name is Ken Warner, retired. Over the past few decades I have been involved in many start-up compost sites. The following is what I have learned from that experience.

First you must determine your purpose for considering composting? The most basic question to consider is whether your primary source of income will come from the tipping fees from receiving waste material or from the marketing of a quality finished end product or a combination of both. The answer to this will become the measuring device for how you design and operate your site, as well as the equipment you need. For instance, if it is merely a waste disposal operation that earns money from “tipping fees” everything you do and all equipment you need becomes a pure expense. If you are trying to produce high quality organic compost for sale, then everything you do and the equipment you need, must be highly efficient and designed to produce a valuable product.

So whether you are a farmer that produces waste, such as a dairy or feed lot operator, or a nurseryman that has a lot of waste material from your operation, or a processing plant for vegetables/fruit/eggs, or considering starting a much needed yard debris composting site; The secret is to follow all the principles of composting; including the right property, equipment and methods.

Next time I will discuss some of the basic and very important principles of the art and science of composting which can literally reduce odors to near zero.

Ken Warner

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