Frequently Asked Questions

Do all your turners have the self-propelled feature?
No, only the 18’ turner is designed to utilize this feature.
What is the purpose of the Power Assist feature on the TB models?
This feature helps keep the turner straight in the windrow so you can maintain good forward pressure on the material. Without this feature the opposite side of the turner will begin lagging behind.
What feature on the Frontier turners causes the material to thoroughly mix the material from right to left, left to right and top to bottom and bottom to top?
The patented design of the drum and paddles causes the right portion of the drum to throw material to the left, the paddles on the left portion of the drum to throw material to the right and the special center paddles throws material in both directions.
What causes so much air to be blown through them material?
The unique paddle shape works like a turban or fan. The swirling vortices of air actually help blow the material behind and away by our unique drum and paddle. The resulting flow of air purges the CO2 and replaces all the air spaces with fresh air.
Why does the pile of material appear to be larger behind the turner than it is in front?
That phenomenon is the result of the particles being blown and redistributed into a perfectly formed windrow made possible by our unique paddle design and configuration on the patented drum.
What is the importance of this much air flow?
It is the lack of fresh air that causes the material to convert to an anaerobic condition. This is the major cause of odors, which becomes a nuisance as well as deteriorating the quality of the finished product. The Frontier patented design can eliminate this condition.
What is the purpose of the “Tail Section”?
It controls the changing flow of material being discharged out the back. When entering a windrow the tail section should be lowered acting like a backstop to the row can be formed. As you proceed a few feet into the material the tail section should be raised slowly until it reaches the maximum upright position.
What would be the right height for the tail section to be in during the composting process?
Usually the first few turns the tail section should be raised somewhat to allow the material to form the row without being squeezed. Some material will fluff a lot during the initial turn so the tail section should be raised higher to allow for the natural forming of the material into a row.
Do you offer a four wheel drive option on the self-propelled turners?
No, that feature has been replaced by tracks. However, a two wheel drive is available.
What damage will rocks or large limbs do to the drum or paddles?
With our Patent-pending “Rock Paddle” design the occasional large limb, debris, rocks or other types of foreign material will not affect the drum. These types of debris have wreaked havoc on all other drum designs.
Are these units made in the USA?
Yes, we engineer, fabricate and assemble all of our units, in the USA.
What size tractor will I need to use the TB series?
Mighty Mike = 22 – 35 HP
TB 12 = 85 – 120 HP
TB 14 = 155 – 260 HP
TB 16 = 200 – 360 HP
TB 18 = 325 – 450 HP
If I wish to move your self-propelled to another site, how would I do that?
This unit will fit on a standard Low Boy trailer and does not require any “Special” permits. It is, however over width.
What if my Frontier turner needs repair, how do I go about fixing it?
Call (503) 859-3454, or email our service department. We will make a determination based on the information you provide and schedule a service call if necessary.
How do I determine what size turner I will need?
This question is complex and is best discussed with our sales staff at (503) 559-0864.
How fast will your turners go through a window?
The average forward speed ranges from 10 to 50 feet per minute. However, this depends on the density of the windrow, the type/size of the turner and the HP of the tractor, on a “Tow Behind” model. The first time through on most material should be a little slower to make sure the clumps are broken up. The focus is on what the Frontier Turner does to the material not on forward speed.
Does Frontier have a method of injecting or adding water to the material?
Yes. Our controlled “reel” systems can add sufficient quantities of water for any size windrow, with very little, if any, runoff.
How does Frontier Turners address the inevitable odors that composting creates?
Odors are caused by lack of oxygen, (anaerobic bacteria). The immense volumes of air that is injected into the material during the turning process is the best “odor fighter” known.

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