Watering Systems for Compost Windrows

Are you tired of ducking in and out of windrows to fill water tanks?

Frontier has the simplest, most effective machinery to water windrows. Our full line of reel watering systems will supply any size turner with ample water for any length windrow up to 1600 feet long. Combined with our patented drum and paddle configuration these watering systems provide calibrated water injection, directly into your windrow while turning, to attain the perfect moisture level for your composting operation.

  • Complete systems engineered for your site – large or small
  • Custom hose lengths to accommodate any site layout
  • Water varying windrow lengths with ease – the reel gives just the right amount of hose for each windrow
  • Water up to two windrows with one hose set.
  • One man operation with quick reel in and move to the next set.
WR-200 up to 600′ 50 to 100
WR-300 up to 1000′ 100 to 200
WR-400 up to 1400′ 200 to 300
WR-500 up to 1600′ 300 to 400

Contact Frontier for complete method information and quote.

Water windrows up to 1600 feet with ease.
compost windrow watering systems

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